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Everyday Explorers, Above Average Adventures!

Founded in September of 2021 Sasquatch Killers Club is the resource for adventure itineraries, gear lists and route planning inspiration. 


    When Erron and I moved into our house we had nowhere to store all our outdoor gear.  We needed a shed.  So I built one.  Left unsupervised I of course had to add a turfed rooftop deck and projector screen through a trapdoor, as well as, secret compartments for whiskey, beer and cigars.  It holds all or gear too.  Having built my first clubhouse, it needed a name.  After brief deliberation Sasquatch Killers Club was it.

    I joked about starting a real club, hanging in the clubhouse, telling stories about adventures and sipping whiskey.  I enjoy encouraging others to take their own adventures, see amazing places and push beyond their average.  The more I thought about it the more I felt I could help others get outside and enjoy the amazing things wild places have to offer.  It was time to put the thoughts on paper.  Several months later, 5 national parks, multiple wilderness and recreation areas and one cross country cycle attempt the club is officially born.   

    The Sasquatch Killers Club is here to provide you with a community of explorers, new locations, general information, and all things adventure!  You don't have to be a world class alpinist (though it would be cool) to see and explore beautiful destinations that will leave you in awe. Everyday people can experience the extraordinary. Your adventure is out there. We want to inspire you to take the journey!