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    Ryan and Erron have been exploring the outdoors together for more than 8 years and amassed over 10,000 miles of adventuring by foot, bicycle and paddlecraft.  


    Meet Ryan: I've always liked the woods and camping.  Yet, I did not experience backpacking until my late 20's. It opened a world to me I only knew existed on the fringes but was now captivated by. Now I have several thousand miles of adventuring experience including a 5,000 mile cross country traverse split between hiking and bikepacking.  That single trip solidified my relationship with adventure. To me, that was living!

    What excites me about the adventure is that it never gets old.  Even after multiple trips to familiar locations or overcrowded parks because no adventure is the same.  The stunning scenery, the challenges, the risks, personal growth, sleeping under a million stars, solitude, brutal terrains, the people I meet and travel with all combine for one great story and a thousand memories.  

    Having the opportunity to use my passion and encourage others to take their own adventure is truly gratifying. If I am able to improve even just one persons life through these adventures, it will all be worth while.  Life gets better outside.

Keep Killin' it!



    Meet Erron: My love affair with the outdoors and adventure came like a tidal wave. Being 22 at the time, quitting my job, selling everything I owned, buying a backpack and joining Ryan and Shotgun on the trek West, forever change me.


    Since then I've summited 14'ers in Colorado, back-country camping in the Rockies, paddled canyons in Arizona and taken on solo bikepacking trips such as The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR/ Tour Divide) and the Route 66 in Arizona. I've  learned so much about who I am from nature and the new experiences I hurl myself into. 


    I'm neither a professional athlete nor gear geek, more so, a desert rat that loves to roll around on two wheels and live in a tent once in a while.  I'm truly an ordinary person who has been swept away by extraordinary adventures. 

See you out there!




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